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How can brands benefit from instagram ADS?

Ten years ago, social media advertising is a market that did not exist. In 2013 this market generated a revenue of US $6.1 billion. In 2017 it is projected to produce US $11 billion. Instagram has over 300 million users. Over 50% of the young adult American population uses it. All impressive figures. If a brand is dedicated to meeting their consumer where they are, it’s imperative that they create a presence on the social media platform.


One of the two main benefits of advertising on Instagram for businesses is the high engagement that users have with the content. The audience on Instagram is highly relevant, highly engaged and are able to be targeted precisely. According to a survey by Forrester, brand related content on Instagram generated a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%, higher than Facebook or Twitter. That means if a brand wants to initiate conversation with customers, Instagram is the best social media platform to do so on. This high level of engagement is due to the fact that users can see all the content they are subscribed to and it is easy to ’like’ it. This is a contrast to Facebook’s display algorithm that removes content from users’ view after time. As Victor Pineiro, Vice President of Social Media at Big Spaceship said ‘’Organic engagement on a given Instagram post is leaps and bounds above its counterpart on Facebook, on Twitter, on Pinterest, on any of them. The reason you’ll get numbers that are so high is that you see every piece of content that you’re subscribed to.’’ Instagram is not known as the ‘king’ of brand content engagement for no reason.


Dual education is the other big benefit that brands enjoy when advertising on Instagram. Brands can aptly educate their consumers about their products, and brands can also learn more valuable information about their customers by reviewing the interaction that they have with the post. Brands are not limited to how they present their information, they can think outside the box and find new ways to engage with the young and relevant audience. In this way, educating consumers isn’t a process that ends quickly, it’s one that brands can continue to take advantage of. This can also work to increase brand loyalty. An example of dual education: people enjoy posting photos of places they have visited and things they’ve done or foods they’ve eaten. The captions of these images are valued consumer feedback. An easy way for a brand to see if people are Instagramming about them, especially if they have a physical location, is to post a picture of their business and tag its location with information included. A link will then appear that will give them access to view all the other photos that were taken and tagged at the brand’s location. There is a great chance that customers are already posting photos about a brand so this tactic opens the floodgates to all content and customer review.

Ultimately the key thing for brands to keep in mind when advertising on Instagram is to make their content feel native to the space. The power of Instagram marketing is in the ability to make the brand content feel genuine and applicable to users. If a brand was to create an advert that looked like a banner ad, or a pop-up, it would completely disrupt the objective. Instead, they must focus on enabling the consumer to imagine their product in their home.

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