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Tigo Save a Chicken, Buy a Smartphone

We can all agree the best advertisements are those we spend the next weeks or even months talking about. The image you can’t believe you didn’t think up first, because it is exactly how you relate to that product. With a good advertisement the importance for the producer and receiver lie on different yet significant factors. For the creator an ad has to be memorable therefore easy to recall, not too overwhelming or confusing for the viewer, connects with the audience, has a call to action, and provides the needed product and company information quickly and succinctly.

In the case of Tigo’s late 2015 campaign for the first Swahili smartphone, the product in itself is ingenious. With over 90% of Tanzanians speaking Swahili as their primary language, Tigo was presenting a product that would both increase its customer base as well as serve its existing one.

Launching in December when the majority of urban Tanzanians usually travel back to their upcountry homes for the holidays, armed with livestock and food to share with their loved ones. Tigo incorporated this tradition into their ads. Eight animated webisodes were created around this theme, with each episode shown from the livestock’s point of view. With a humorist twist we are able to see how the Swahili smartphone would happily distract people making them lose interest in slaughtering animals for their holiday dinners. Using this tradition as the basis for the series’ plot allowed for the audience to immediately connect and relate to the ad and in turn to the product. The use of animation allowed for increased creativity and the ability to create a more memorable image. The tagline “Achana na wanyama msimu huu wa sikukuu, wagiftishe wapendao na smartphone ya Kiswahili!” was used as the call to action. This would promote the audience to actively seek this new product in relation to the holiday season.

With 8 webisodes to choose from, it is difficult to state which one was the favorite. From the barn disco, to football watching goats every webisode captures your imagination.Along with the television advert, a social media competition was also created. The public was asked to join in on an Instagram selfie competition, sending in a selfie with a farm animal as their way of engaging and interacting with the campaign. The positive response was almost immediate. The videos garnered over 3 million views on both YouTube and Facebook, and 43 million ad impressions on both local and international sites. With over 11.4 million internet users within Tanzania, this result is highly positive especially within a short period of time. In tangible real world results Tigo shops reported an increase of 100% on smartphone sales in comparison to the same time period in the previous year.

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