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PinPoint Network Advertising Rates
The PinPoint Network of top Tanzanian content websites is the most cost-effective way to reach local target audiences. Whether your objective is awareness and brand presence, traffic to your website or Facebook page, conversions such as online orders and registrations, or data collection – we have the inventory and ad serving expertise to meet your needs. Every media plan is custom designed to reach the right audience and deliver quantifiable results. Rates are dependent on a wide variety of factors such as: number of ad impressions, number of sites in the media plan, image or interactive rich media ad formats, mobile or desktop, in-page or pop up overlays, etc… Some of the most common pricing packages are outlined below.
CPM = Cost Per 1,000 Ad Impressions
Standard Image Banners: $1 – $2.50 CPM
Available in desktop and mobile inventory
  • All 21 sites = $1.25
  • 15 Sites = $1.35
  • 10 Sites = $1.45
  • 5 Sites = $1.55
Mobile Media: $1.50 – $3.00 CPM
Special ad format with unique abilities to interact with your phone such “click to call” that initiates a phone call to the number of your choice
Interactive Rich Media: $2.50 – $5.00 CPM
Rich media allows in-ad data collection, multiple outbound links in a single ad, interactive effects such as peel and reveal, in-ad video display, motion graphics etc Available in desktop and mobile inventory
Hi-Vis Pop Up Banners: $5.00 – $10.00 CPM
Pop Up Banners show center page, as an overlay above the content. They are impossible to miss, and remain open until the user either clicks or closes the ad. These ads have an incredibly high click through rate, and are most commonly used to quickly generate awareness and excitement for product launches, events, or for any short-term announcement. Available in desktop and mobile inventory
Site Sponsorships: Rates vary, and are negotiated with the site owner
For any site and ad position in the PinPoint Network, you can reserve a “share of voice”. I.E. – 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% share of all available ad impressions. Available in desktop and mobile inventory
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